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Assessment Process - ABET - Academic Year 2011-2012

The purpose of this topic is to record the information for the 2011-2012 academic years with regards to the ABET processes of the University of Notre Dame Computer Science and Engineering programs in Computer Engineering (EAC) and Computer Science (CAC).

As you are likely finding this link from a faculty e-mail, there are two key procedures for data gathering beyond the discussions related to particular (a)-(k) as governed by our ABET process.

  • Course Reflection
    • All courses are required to complete this by Friday, June 1st. This covers any elective or required course in the department. While not all of it is ABET related, it is important to capture course knowledge (things that worked, things that did not, what will change) for ABET. This data is not shared publicly and is strictly for self-reflection.
  • Data Gathering
    • Required courses for the Computer Science or Computer Engineering degrees must complete this process. Data is due by Friday, June 8th, preferably sooner rather than later.
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